Corporate Plumbing Inc. was founded in April of 1996 by Doug Allen and son Troy. Both having extensive prior experience in the field, they together recognized that Fort Collins, their town of residence for decades, was not only on the verge of a major growth spurt, but also had a shortage of qualified commercial plumbers. They correctly predicted a correlated business boon and set their sights on fulfilling the forthcoming gamut of commercial and industrial needs for superior plumbing and heating systems. Talk about timing. …
The company’s success at providing superior design-build systems locally has incrementally expanded its footprint to include all of Colorado and Wyoming, though they’ll certainly travel to other states, having completed certain projects demanding its particularly advanced level of expertise in South Dakota and Nebraska, as well. And, while design-build projects are CP’s forte, they are just as competitively situated to excel in hard-bid projects.
Corporate Plumbing Inc. takes pride in maintaining schedules that are both aggressive and realistic; as such, CP has never failed to complete any awarded project within its specified time-period.

Experience Sets Us Apart

As Corporate Plumbing’s exceptional reputation – for both their high-quality workmanship and strong work ethic – has increased its demand for services, so has their staff increased incrementally. CP presently employs forty people: three project managers, 18 master or journeyman plumbers and 16 apprentices. In addition to its on-staff certified welders and mechanics, Corporate Plumbing appoints a contract-specific engineer to every individual design-build project.
Corporate Plumbing’s commitment to safety standards is as applicable to the project’s on-site construction as it is to the end-user experience. CP demands the same of its select, certified contractors as it does of its own staff, as evidenced in a consistent MOD rating of .78.
The upper-level managerial team is unmatched. With over 139 years of combined experience in this field, 59 of which have been dedicated to Corporate Plumbing, there is no lack of expertise among this group.

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